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Church-Key Brewing

A pillar of the Northumberland community pivots their dated site into a thriving online beer store.

The Brief

Church-Key Brewing Company is an iconic craft brewery based in Campbellford, Ontario.

Established in 1999, it was one of the first craft breweries in the province, and its innovative processes have made it an inspiration to many of the dozens of Ontarian craft breweries that followed.

The owner of Church-Key, John Graham, was looking to modernize the brewery’s online presence, and Countdown was excited to make it happen.

I couldn't be happier with the quality of the work Countdown did, first in creating my new Shopify store last year, then in upgrading my email and social media marketing. Thanks!

John Graham
Founder, Church-Key Brewing Co.

The Approach

The main goal for Church-Key was to integrate an online store so that John could continue selling beer, despite COVID restrictions on his retail store and LCBOs.

In order to get Church-Key online ASAP, we actually took an iterative approach to the website’s development.

First, we created a fairly basic store using Shopify, which helped John to start bringing in revenue. Then we created a more fleshed-out website on WordPress, in order to include some advanced features like an event calendar with booking capabilities. Lastly, we consolidated the temporary website into the fully-custom primary website.

By employing this strategy, John was able to continue to generate revenue for the weeks when we were building the permanent site, which coincidentally helped earn back most of the cost of the initial investment.





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The Results

The results of our work with Church-Key have been fantastic. In a time without much other income, Church-Key was able to generate several thousand dollars in sales through their online store.

We were also able to eventually create all of the add-on features that John wanted in his site through our iterative approach. By starting with the core online store functionality, and then iteratively adding customizations to that, John was able to break the project up and start generating revenue early.

I think that deserves a beer!

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