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CDHS 2023 Reunion

Countdown brings CDHS alumni online with registration, events, and advanced social features.

The Brief

The CDHS 2023 Reunion is the centennial celebration of Campbellford District High School.

Dave Sharp, the chair of the Reunion board, commissioned this website as a way to sell registrations and commemorative yearbooks. From that point, the project evolved to encompass more social aspects as well, including in-site messaging, groups, discussion forums, and a shared photo gallery. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for CDHS alumni to network and register prior to the Reunion.

As a CDHS alumnus himself, our founder Lucas was excited to help out!

Dave Sharp
Chair, CDHS 2023 Reunion

The Approach

The primary goal of this website was to sell registrations for the CDHS 2023 Reunion, but as we explored the project specifications more, we decided that the website would benefit from added customization versatility. Because of this, we decided to use WordPress instead of Shopify.

To facilitate the E-Commerce aspects of the site, we incorporated WooCommerce. This worked particularly well because, in addition to allowing users to purchase yearbooks and merchandise, it also integrates with The Events Calendar. This is the event management software we specialize in using, so we were able to seamlessly have all transactions run through WooCommerce for a unified website experience.

We also knew that in order to encourage networking and sharing highschool memories among our users, we would need a robust suite of social features. For this reason, we used the BuddyBoss theme.

This allowed us to create features like the “Where Are They Now” page, which shows users details like which years they attended CDHS, whether they were a student or teacher, and a short bio.





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The Results

The results for the CDHS reunion website have been impressive already – and we’re not even close to 2023 yet!

The website has had hundreds of pre-registrants and has generated several thousand dollars in sales. Many individuals are also starting to engage with the historical content that we’ve been uploading on a regular basis, such as photos, documents, and stories.

In summary, the CDHS 2023 Reunion website is already showing promising engagement and conversions, and the Reunion team expects even more as they scale up their marketing leading up to 2023.

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