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Bowen Health & Body

A Peterborough-based Bowen therapist sets the online foundations for her new business.

The Brief

Bowen Health & Wellness is a new Bowen practice started by Chandra Carrier; a Peterborough-based therapist and 17-year veteran of the healthcare industry.

Bowen is a type of bodywork that promotes pain relief using gentle touch over the muscle system and connective tissue. It works by giving subtle inputs to the nervous system, which stimulates the body into balancing itself.

Chandra was looking to scale her Bowen practice and streamline her appointment booking process. Countdown was more than happy to help her out.

Chandra Carrier
Founder, Bowen Health & Body

The Approach

The primary goal of Chandra’s new website was to help clients pay for and book appointments online, which would free up some of the time she used to spend going back and forth on Facebook Messenger.

To facilitate this with an easy, frictionless solution, we implemented Start Booking. We chose this route because the easy-to-use Start Booking interface is hosted on a third-party domain, and it also had the ability to sync with the calendars that Chandra already uses.

In short, Chandra would be able to begin booking clients immediately on her new professional website, without the need to learn complicated new software.





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The Results

Since launching the new Bowen Health & Body website, Chandra has been able to seamlessly book numerous appointments with clients. The website has also become an integral part of her sales process, as it contains all of the information and testimonials she needs to showcase what she does to prospects.

While unfortunately, COVID restrictions have impacted the number of in-person bookings possible for Bowen Health & Body in 2021, we are confident that Chandra is now equipped with the right tools to bounce back with a comprehensive online strategy in 2022.

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