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Blades of Glory Entertainment

Countdown partners with Blades of Glory to bring medieval education and entertainment into the 21st-century.

The Brief

Blades of Glory is a medieval entertainment and education company established in 1998. They do a wide variety of historical demonstrations, such as archery, axe throwing, and full-contact sword fighting.

Blades of Glory generates revenue off of two main target markets; schools (Grade 4 classes specifically), and public visitors who can come on weekends.

The owner of Blades of Glory, Harry Heydon, wanted to upgrade their website presence in order to help them bounce back after school closures due to COVID-19. We were excited at the opportunity to work with knights!

Harry Heydon
Founder, Blades of Glory

The Approach

One of the biggest requirements for the Blades of Glory site was that it be able to host a lot of information in an easy-to-navigate layout. The website features well over 40 unique pages, which led us to incorporate a Mega Menu to keep things organized.

Harry was also interested in diversifying his revenue streams, which, after extensive strategy consultations, helped us settle on a plan to integrate Patreon into the site. This was the first step in helping Blades of Glory to start building up an exclusive online community, with members getting access to online sword fighting lessons, monthly gift boxes, and more.

Notably, Blades of Glory chose not to incorporate session bookings natively on the site, as they were already well established on the platform “Eventbrite.”

To keep things simpler to manage for Harry, we connected the Eventbrite API to the new website instead, so that users could still book sessions but the payment data would be fed through to Eventbrite. That way, Harry only has to manage one piece of software.





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The Results

Since completing the BoG website project and launching, Harry has seen a significant increase in the number of inbound leads he has gotten online. While things are still a bit slower due to COVID, the flexibility of having a custom online platform for sharing information and accepting bookings has streamlined Harry’s time and improved his customers’ experience.

Where previously Blades of Glory had relied on using Facebook Messenger to make sales, now they have a central “storefront” to help users make buying decisions.

The new website has also been instrumental in helping Harry to show school teachers and administration what Blades of Glory does. Naturally, public schools have a longer sales cycle, but with the support of the BoG website, all the information the schools need is at their fingertips.

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